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Wrap up your bubbles

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

In the UK we throw away 226,800 miles of wrapping paper at Christmas, enough to

encircle the world nine times. Make this Christmas the year you ditch this single-use,

unnecessary item that uses energy to create and is often non-recyclable. Instead, rethink

your wrapping solutions with some eco alternatives. Raiding the cupboards rather than

buying new is the way forward – and it’s cheaper as well as greener.

1. If you're gifting a bottle, top it with a Santa hat made from old scraps of fabric and a bauble.

2. Use those glossy Sunday supplement pages as wrapping and add a sprig of ivy.

3. Embrace your inner Mary Poppins and tie up your parcels with (recycled) brown

paper and string.

4. Upcycle a dull gift bag with photos from magazines.

5. Use a fabric remnant and raid the tree for a couple of baubles. The Japanese

tradition of furoshiki, or wrapping with fabric, is an impressive sight – check out

this website for tips!

To see ones we made earlier, check out the video!

Our examples were all wrapped without the use of Sellotape! What other eco-wrap

ideas have you had? We’d love to know.

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