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Our Work

Our new set of projects is funded by The National Lottery Community Fund (TNLCF), which supports groups to do work that strengthens their local community. We are one of the ‘good causes’ to which Lottery players contribute when they buy lottery tickets.


Our grant of £1,995,503.67 for 2023–2027 comes from TNLCF’s Climate Action Fund, which aims to help communities across the UK address climate change. Mainly, this happens by supporting people to adapt their lifestyles in achievable, realistic and innovative but repeatable ways.

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For further details of how the Climate Action Fund operates and what it will fund, click here.

Our programme of projects is designed to help residents and businesses in the Bude Community Network Area prepare for and protect themselves and our surroundings against the vast uncertainties that lie ahead because of climate change.


Our projects will also help residents, businesses and visitors contribute towards reducing our community’s energy use, thereby mitigating our contributions to the climate crisis.


All these evidence-based projects are based on extensive research, community consultation and pilots conducted from 2020–2022, financed by a previous £200,000 Lottery grant. 

Find out more about each one below.

Programme Management

Finally, the rest of the grant is budgeted for all the tasks, roles and responsibilities necessary to make our projects work and ensuring they meet the needs of our local community.



We’ll be improving local employment with year-round positions and training for up to six people in full-time and part-time roles. They’ll be playing an essential role in helping us deliver the projects.



We’ll be supporting local small businesses and freelance workers by paying them to help us deliver parts of some of the projects, or in some cases, an entire project under our supervision.



Working with The Carbon Literacy Project, we’ll be bringing accredited climate literacy training to hundreds of businesses and residents in the wider Bude area. This will inform them how to cut their carbon footprints, helping them save money and the planet.



To keep the community informed, we’ll be making lots of resources and toolkits available to advise residents and businesses about building resilience and their journey to a carbon-free future. We’ll also be letting you know what we’re doing through our social media, our website, and films and events.



The Lottery requires us to undertake various other activities required by our grant, such as annual assessments by external evaluators of the work we’re doing. These assessments will keep us on track, let the community see what we’re doing and enable us to learn from our experiences.



What we do in Bude is a testbed for climate adaptation elsewhere, so we’ll be actively sharing our learning and experiences with other coastal communities in Cornwall and more widely across the UK.

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