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Community Storytelling Project


Our Community Storytelling project brings people together to share memories about the wider Bude area, its heritage and our collective relationship with the place we all share.


If we want to succeed in our mission to become carbon neutral by 2030, we've got to make sure that everyone knows what we're doing and what our strategies are. This means spreading the word with videos and podcasts, gatherings and events. It also means creating more structured learning resources in the form of 'toolkits' – packs that can be used by schools and community groups to provide easy-to-digest information on the impacts of climate change and what we can do about it. If we know what we're facing, we can turn worries into action.


We've already put together a series of nine local stories, sharing our past and imagining a vision of the future so we can start creating the resilient and sustainable Bude we all want to see. We are working on a further six unique stories, focusing initially on young adults and their views on what the future holds for them and the community.  Over the next years, we’ll be expanding these workshops to all parts of the community.

All our community digital stories are accompanied by extensive packs of resources to inform and assist people in adapting to climate change, all of which can be found on here on our website or borrowed from our office, based at the Bude Tourist Information Centre in the Crescent car park.

Sustainable Tourism Project
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