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Tree cheers

To celebrate the start of National Tree Week, we’re delighted to announce that Bude Climate

Partnership has secured a donation of 200 trees from The National Lottery to be added to our partner 2 Minute Foundation’s pilot forest.

They’ll be planted in a field 10 miles south of Bude. This is another great step towards our goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030 because as well as being beautiful and great for hugging, trees also:

🌳 Absorb and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, providing a defence mechanism against global warming and improving air quality

🌳 Provide 35% of the oxygen used by the Earth’s inhabitants

🌳 Stabilise the soil and help prevent flooding

🌳 Provide food and shelter for wildlife

It’s tree cheers for the world’s largest plant. Help us celebrate by posting pictures of your favourite

trees in the Bude area (we’re looking at you, Wooda Farm Holiday Park 😉).

Our photo was taken at Stamford Woods – a glorious spot for some forest bathing.


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