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Filmmakers visit Bude

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

We wanted to find out how people in the Bude area feel about our corner of Cornwall so we've asked digital storytellers Storylines to come and talk to some key players and discover what makes Bude's community so special.

Learning about Bude

Knowing how you feel about Bude and how important its history and culture is to you is central to our goals. So we invited the Cornish community interest company Storylines to come and create eight short films about Bude area's community. They began the groundwork by interviewing local legend Vicko and the people behind the Repair Cafe and the Sea Pool. The films will be aimed at Key Stage 3 schoolchildren and the wider community. We'd love to hear who you think should be in the films - let us know.

Why has Bude Climate Partnership got Storylines on board? Because by creating these innovative resources, Storylines is helping us capture why it's so important to protect Bude from the impact of climate change. These films encourage new relationships between people of all ages, building a stronger, more resilient community. It's also a way of recording Bude's heritage and culture, treasuring what makes us unique. Read about the adventure Storylines had in Bude here.

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Gunita Wilson
Gunita Wilson
Jul 19, 2021

Love the idea! I think Bude Nippers and Junipers are big part of Bude community

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