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What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

The New Year is a great opportunity

to reflect on old habits and

consider adopting new

green ones.


how some of the most popular

New Year’s Resolutions

can also be easy ways to

reduce your carbon footprint.

Traditional resolution

Green resolution

Exercise more ➡

Swap to cycling and walking rather than driving

Improve diet ➡

Include more plant-based meals in your weekly menu

Save money ➡

Investigate green alternatives for banking and pensions. As well as not allowing your money to be invested in fossil fuels, it often works out cheaper

Renovate your home ➡

Do a home energy audit, check out this website. You can find out how to make your home warmer and bills lower

Take up a new hobby ➡

Get involved in one of Bude’s community projects such as our partner 2 Minute Beach Clean

What else are you planning to do? Let us know! We’d love to hear more green ideas.

We hope 2022 is a fantastic year for you.

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