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Invites to the Jury coming soon

Every household in the wider Bude area - that's from Morwenstow in the north to Crackington in the south, and east as far as Whitstone - will very soon receive its invitation to join the Bude Area Community Jury on Climate Change.

The jury - which will ultimately be made up of 40 people aged 16+, randomly selected from all those who apply - will meet across three weekends in September and November to debate and discuss how the wider Bude area can adapt to the threat of a changing climate and sea level rise. At the end of the process, the jury will have decided on a set of recommendations which answer the question:

'How can we respond to a changing climate, including sea level rise, to support our community to thrive?'

These recommendations will be put to statutory authorities and other interested parties for consideration, and will help shape policymaking and the future face of the wider Bude area.

It's very rare for a community our size to have the funding to hold a community jury, which is a widely respected form of public engagement and consultation. It presents an exciting opportunity for the 40 jurors selected to take part in deciding how we can adapt to the challenges ahead.

For more information, click below:

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