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Calling all 16-35 year olds!

Invitations to join the Bude Area Community Jury on Climate Change were posted to 8,500 households last week - and we can reveal that we have already had a good number of early registrations! Thank you!

However, we are actively seeking more locals aged 16 – 35 to sign up by the deadline next week (28th August).

We are asking for 30 hours of your time (6-hour days over 5 weekends) from the 23/09 – 25/11. In return we are offering:

1. The chance to directly influence how Bude responds to threats of climate change. Opportunities to positively impact the future of your local area do not come around very often, so seize the chance!

2. Payment of £330 in vouchers (equivalent to £11 an hour) of your choice! These vouchers can be for the wonderful local shops of Bude or for supermarkets or online retailers. The choice is yours!

3. Covering of childcare costs for the time you are on the jury.

4. The chance to improve your CV. Perhaps you are a young person hoping to go into work or to university in the coming years? Maybe you are considering a change of job or career? Showing you have positively influenced your local community could make you stand out, and certainly give you an interesting topic to discuss!

5. The chance to learn and engage. There is zero pressure to know loads about climate change. You will hear from a range of fascinating experts, from local historians to university lecturers, who can help to inform your opinion. This is a truly great chance to learn loads about climate change and specifically how it may affect your local area.

We are still welcoming applicants of all ages, but particularly seeking more 16- to 35-year-olds, as this demographic is currently underrepresented in registrations received to date.

If you have lost your letter and wish to register, drop us an email: The deadline is the 28th of August (next week!) so don’t hang about.

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