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Festival Coordinator

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

What we are looking for: Bude Climate Partnership is seeking a Festival Coordinator (or Team) to help us programme and organise a Climate and Sustainability Festival in Bude next spring. This is a self-employed fixed-term contract, for which we expect you (or you and your team) to work on a flexible basis with our partners, affiliates and staff to coordinate all aspects of the festival. Ideally you’ll have as many of these qualities as possible:

  • experienced at the logistics of big and buzzy community events

  • bursting with imaginative programming ideas on a climate and sustainability theme

  • motivated to engage people in positive climate action

  • brilliant at enlisting and coordinating volunteers

  • adept at attracting advertisers, sponsors, donors

  • knowledgeable about the climate and ecological crisis

  • a marketing, social media and communications whizz

  • expert in licensing and event regulations

  • alert to tiny details and smart with budget management

  • calm and collected in times of crisis

  • a multi-tasking team player

  • reliable, self-motivated, positive and kind

The fee for this contract is £6,000 (including VAT if applicable). The festival is non-profit and has its own budget, but we would expect you to find ways to generate additional revenue to support the venture.

To apply

please send a brief resume of your relevant experience and skills with a covering letter of no more than two A4 pages that explains how you meet the requirements and how you propose to deliver the festival to:

Please include contact details for two references.

If you need further information to support your application, such as budget details, please get in touch at the above email address.

The closing date for applications is Monday, November 1, 2021.

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