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BSTC to receive Jury recommendations


When: 6pm, Thursday 18 April, 2024

 Where: Ivor Potter Hall, Parkhouse Centre, Bude

 Who: Everyone welcome

Following a request from the Bude Area Community Jury on Climate Change, Bude-Stratton Town Council has agreed to hold an Extraordinary Town Council meeting to receive and discuss the full set of Jury recommendations.

The meeting has attracted a lot of interest on social media and we are looking forward to a busy Ivor Potter Hall and an engaged community, coming together to tackle the challenges posed by climate change and sea level rise.

If you're coming along to the meeting, can we suggest some background reading and viewing?

The Jury website has a lot of information 

The jury recommendations can be found in full here:

You can see the presentations on sea level rise, given by experts to the jury, here:

And for a great short film on the jury process, what and who was involved, try this: 

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