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Cal Irish

11 Aug 2023

Your chance to help shape the future of the wider Bude area

There's no escaping the fact that our changing climate is causing more and more extreme weather events across the world. This summer, wildfires have raged in Canada, intense monsoon events wreaked havoc across Asia, and temperature records have been smashed in the States, in Europe and in Africa. Here in the UK - while it feels a while ago right now - we just had the hottest June on record.


Global warming is also causing sea levels to rise more rapidly which makes coastal communities particularly vulnerable. The Environment Agency's recent visualisations of what the future holds for Summerleaze and Crooklets, if we don't intervene soon, really bring this home. Find out more about this on our Shoreline Project page, link below.


It's for these reasons we are bringing the Bude Area Community Jury on Climate Change to you this autumn. EVERY household in the wider Bude area - that's from Morwenstow in the north to Crackington in the south, and east as far as Whitstone - will be invited to take part. Your letter (pictured above) will arrive soon by post. Look out for it, and sign up to this important and engaging process. Bude and beyond, we need you! Read more below.

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